Newborn Session: Your baby will either wear a diaper or their birthday suit. I also have a selection of cute newborn props.

Maternity Session: Maternity sessions are shot outdoors, so dress accordingly.  Bright colours (ie. pink shades, reds, purples) or natural colours (i.e. blues, greens & browns) are a good choice.  For summer and spring photos dresses are always a beautiful choice.  For fall and winter wear nice pants, boots and a nice sweater, a long sleeved shirt or dressy type coat are excellent options.  For any season please avoid white--especially in winter so that you don't blend in with the snow.  If your partner is in the photos, make sure to coordinate your outfits so that they don't clash.  Check out my Blog post for ideas.

Baby/Child Session: Bright or pastel colours and fun patterns are best, but avoid white. Please also avoid clothing with logos or writing on them.  Bring several changes of clothing to add variety.  

Family Session:  Please co-ordinate everyone’s clothing colours, patterns & styles. You can work with a colour palette of 2-3 complimentary colours. Bright colours, denims and natural colours (i.e. blues, greens & browns) are a good choice.  Avoid white.  

NOTE: I will not do a re-shoot or any unnecessary photoshop work because a client wants to look thinner or because you are unhappy with your outfit. I will do my utmost to pose you in the most flattering poses possible. To avoid possible disappointment, stay away from clothing that is too tight, too short, baggy, sleeveless or too revealing.